About Us

What We Do & How

EGATE exemplifies excellence in audio-visual products, is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of LED Projectors and Accessories meant for the Education, Office and Home. Our quality products are considered among the best brands of projectors in the country, delivering audio-visual entertainment that’s awesomely immersive - and economical. 

Learn how technological excellence, ethical & easy business policies and competitive pricing have helped EGATE achieve the leadership position.

Know Us

Egate was among the first movers to introduce digital LED projectors to the Indian market. It was incorporated and registered in the year 2011 with a clear vision of bridging the technology divide - breaking barriers between people and technology, bring consumer close to technology, improve life by experiences enabled by these advanced technologies. This core insight still governs our corporate philosophy over nearly a decade of existence. That’s why CRISIL-rated EGATE ranks as the leading Indian player with more than 5 lakh happy customers, in a niche previously dominated only by international brands. In fact, EGATE virtually built the domestic entertainment segment in India for projectors as home theaters, with a presence in around 1 lakh living rooms and over 10,000 classroom.

The company is headquartered in India and maintains an extensive network of dealers, distributors and best online e-commerce partners helping it record and incredible 100% growth year on year.


Mission Vision

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand technology potentials, bridge technology divide in order to touch and provide better and brighter life for all.

The Vision Crystal Clear : “ Educate, Entertain, Enrich” to make  “Future Bright” for every life.

Core Values

Dream & Obsession: “Yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream”. We encourage all at EGATE to dream and dream big, set higher goals for themselves and be obsessive about it. Obsession creates a neuro pathway through subconscious to manifest dreams.

Simple & Easy: Simple is Hard. But it is very important to keep all design, language, presentation and communication simple for it be easy to deliver what it was intended for.

Core Values

Transparent & Honest : We have to be Honest & Transparent with all, internal as well as external world, customer, vendor and law of land. It may not be easy but sure is the best road to success.

Flexible & Fluid : A rigid old tree does not grow & snaps in a raging storm. The pliant tree and flexible branches keep growing & bends in the storm to survive. Stay Flexible and open to change, fluid enough to adapt fast and keep going.

Courage & Candor : Candor encourages feedback and ideas that keep companies successful. We shall always welcome it.

Philosophy & Culture

The ideal balance in life is one located at the intersection of Work and Play, Education and Entertainment. EGATE seeks to be the gateway to this sweet space for consumers, our corporate customers, our associates and employees. We use innovative technologies to help deliver an optimum balance of all that’s best in life and living. Our people, products and approach to business has a single overriding goal: delivering a better, brighter and easier life for all. 

Living the core values has made the cultural DNA of Egate vivid and vibrant, emanating life all around, living every moment and enjoying every bit of journey towards goal realization

Tested & Trusted Advanatage Egate

For our LED technology has certain features that that uniquely suit the challenging requirements of operating in harsh Indian conditions. This technology also improves the quality of video display, while dramatically increasing the working life of the projector to an estimated 20 years!

Apart from providing brighter images and sharper sound, our advanced digital projectors require little or no maintenance, consume less power and are also versatile -  they can be used to project multimedia content and video from Fire TV Sticks, Set Top Box, PCs & Laptops or even USB pen drives

Team to Trust

Our skilled industry professionals and R&D team ensure we are able to deliver the best and maintain our leadership position. Egate is achieving milestones after milestones because of the terrific team, always aiming high, ready to learn, adapt & change. They are in Egate’s DNA and Egate in theirs.