For our LED technology has certain features  that uniquely suit the challenging requirements of operating in harsh Indian conditions. This technology also improves the quality of video display, while dramatically increasing the working life of the projector to an estimated 20 years!


Texas Instrument's Patented DLP technology through DMD chip is by far most complex but the best technology specially when coupled with LED light source. Since the lamp DLP use to have single light source which was first broken down with a prism and then condensed back via a color wheel it use to result in rainbow effect in fast moving images. Egate's DLP range married the best of two - LED & DLP. Egate uses three primary colored LED , RED, GREEN & BLUE, eliminating the need of first breaking the light hence no rainbow effect.


Original always has upper hand specially when improvised by latest digital technology. Projection started with this often called simple beamer where in there is a single LCD displaying the picture and light is beamed at it to pass through and create an image on any surface. Initially it did have some limitations but with time and digitization, it is at par with any latest technology as 3LCD or DLP but at half the cost.

LED Life Long Lamp

Longer lamp life of 30,000 hours (roughly 20 years) if the projector is used continuously for 4 hours daily.  In contrast comparable Lamp projectors have a lamp life of only 3,000 hours or just 2 years with very higher lamp replacement cost up to 60% cost of the original projector. Another big advantage of LED is that there is minimal degradation in the brightness and stays 80-90% bright through out its lifespan. In contrast a Lamp projector will degrade in brightness with each hour of usage and will be 1/2 as bright in 2nd year as on day 1. 

Wide Screen 16:9

Decades of expertise has made us understand technology as well as the human preferences better. Since our eyes are placed side by side making it easier and pleasurable to see images in wide angle. This is why all our projectors are by default in 16:9 wide screen ratio or more. Cinema industry has also shifted long back on to cinemascope or 70mm in 16:9 format ratio. This can be understood more easily if you recall older version squarish television of 4:3 ratio vs the new generation LCD TV of 16:9 wide angle.

Smart PC Free Design

All series of Egate projectors will have at least one model with inbuilt computing on android platform. Pioneered by Egate way back in 2011 we  understood the Indian need for an all in one technology eliminating any need for external PC. Projectors then were used mainly with computer, we simply added a processor ram and storage inside the projector making it PC Free. With time now it has varied usage like word, excel, movie etc. Basically making it a smart projector

Heat Resistant

Most of the projectors are made for western and developed countries which are mostly cold. Projectors have powerful light source which emanates huge amount of heat. In India temperatures may go as high as 47-48 degrees and most of these projector will fail to run at this high temperatures. Egate's main market is India and hence all our projectors are designed to withstand heat up to 48 degrees centigrade. We have incorporated better air flow  management by having heavy duty dual fan and or bigger and better copper heat sink.

Dust Proof Design

India is a dusty country. Electronics by far are prune to malfunction in dust and more so in case of projectors as a small particle may be projected as large spot on to screen due to its inherent property of every thing enlarged/projected. Since we use only LEDs which are cooler technology than lamp, we were able to design the sealed optical path, the dust may enter projector and pass through but will not be able to enter the optical pathway, making sure that you have years of dust free images.

Surge Resistant

India also has power problem. Both power outage and voltage fluctuations. Light sources may burn fuse due to this. Since LEDs are diodes and AC current is converted to DC for it to light up, the surge and fluctuation is taken care of. We use high quality SMPS / transformer adapter for AC-DC conversion with surge protection capabilities. Our projectors also has instant switch off - on feature. In Lamp projector if light goes off, it may take minutes to fully cool down before re-starting . However in case of Egate;s LED projector instant switch On-Off is possible.

Door Step Pick-Drop Support

We have not only tuned our product for India but also tuned developed unique service support model to serve our customer at their doorstep. Keeping in mind that projectors need to be opened and serviced in completely dust free environment we need it to be brought in expert hands of engineers at the factory. Hence once you report your product for service it is picked from your doorstep brought to our central facility, serviced and given back at your doorstep. Is it not complete peace of mind. Read more..

Warranty Up to 3 years

Egate's projector are made tough and are designed to last years. These come with standard One year warranty. However in case you need extra peace of mind, just chose to have very affordable warranty extension packs along with your new projector or before expiration of the standard warranty. you can extend your warranty upto 3 years by having 2 years extension pack. Read more..

Quality Checks

Burn Test : All and each projector is switched on and run for up to 9 hrs before being packed at factory. This burn test or run test assures if any malfunction, it is detected before it being packed .

Drop Test : From factory to your home it crosses multiple hands and transportation. To ensure that the product inside is not damaged we use high quality protectives which are tested for 3 feet drop test.

Rated & Certified

Quality is not only factor of quality checks and material used but also process and 3rd party or government agencies guidelines and checks. We have numerous quality and process certification making Egate a truly world class product. Peace of Mind re-assured.

Wireless Android

All our Smart variant projectors are equipped with latest and powerful Android OS sitting on multi-core processors. These smart projectors are truly wireless. Most of them are having Dual Band wifi and Bluetooth to give you freedom from wires in home or office installation.

Wireless Mirroring & Streaming

The multi screen or screen cast variant also has wireless streaming capabilities. From any of your Android, iOS or windows 10 device the media can be streamed or screen of these devices can be mirrored on to the projector. Both the devices needs to be on the same wifi network. It also inbuilt preinstalled apps like youtube for direct connection to youtube world of entertainment. The internal wifi will work only to connect your mobile devices and preinstalled apps.

Digital Zoom

The 2020 saw the biggest leap in keystone technology. Most of our smart projectors are now having Digital Keystone correction. This enables wider angle (40 degrees) correction with stroke of the remote. Digital keystone also means no more blurred corner of the text on screen. If this was not enough we also innovated to incorporate digital zoom for convenience of fitting the image on the screen size without disturbing the projector mount. 

Digital 4D Keystone

4 Directional Digital keystone correction now makes Egate smart projectors the most saught after product in its category. We innovated to incorporate in many of the Android models the 4 direction keystone correction. This means not only vertical but also horizontal correction. This feature enables you to keep the projector in side of the room rather than centrally / perpendicular to the screen and still have perfect rectangular screen.

Egate Android App

We have developed just for you a unique service plus loyalty bonus App. This will help you keep track of your warranty and service details plus give you voucher for discounts on your next  purchase. You can also purchase any projector or accessories from this app. It also will give you any push for any software updates and drivers. One can also use it as remote a feature to be added soon.

Trust Seal

Assurance is ensured by the tamper proof Egate Hologram sticker on all products and boxes. Once the product is tested and found to be fit for your years of usage, the hologram is affixed. This not only certifies that the product is genuine and authentic but also helps you from any tamper in future at any service or otherwise.

Roads to Reach

We have paved multiple ways for our customer to reach us. Dedicated help line number, Toll Free, Whatsapp, Live Chat, email and through unique Egate APP available at Android Play Store. However you contact us our team is ready and willing to help you for any support. Read More..

GS1 EAN Barcode Check

All Egate products are printed with authentic GS1 EAN 13 Barcode wherein one can scan the barcode on GS1 site to verify the genuine product and specification. GS1 is a not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains global standards for business communication. GS1 standards are designed to improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains. They form a business language that identifies, captures and shares key information about products, locations, assets and more. All Egate's product are registered under standard for MRP, Weight & Measurement, the Government's  metrology department.

Egate's  Assurance

Last but not least as the list may go on,  we have earned the reputation of being honest in our price and true in the specification.

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